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Fire & Rain Glass Bead Society is a glass beadmakers' group based in western Washington state. We are an official chapter of the International Society of Glassbeadmakers. Our group started in the fall of 2005. We generally have meetings on the second Sunday of every second month, at 1 PM, beginning in February each year.

Meetings generally include demonstrations of different kinds of glass, tools, or techniques. We discuss topics of concern to beadmakers, such as safety issues or preferences in bead release. We have snacks. We have bead exchanges - you bring one, you get one. We have some of the best beadmakers in the world (of course!). Also, by virtue of being in the Pacific Northwest, we have access to some of the best glass suppliers and toolmakers. In the past, we've received glass samples from Frantz Art Glass and Olympic Color Rod. We've met to torch, we've met to chat, we've met to commiserate, we've met to laugh, we've met to learn, we've met to share ...

Although we are an official chapter of the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB), Fire & Rain and ISGB are separate organizations; membership in one does not include membership in the other. Our chapter officers must be ISGB members.

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